IVOXInteractive Voice Exchange
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Founded in 2005, IVOX has been a trusted provider of custom proxy research, vote execution and threshold management services to many of the largest investors in Europe.
This is a tremendous opportunity to bring the global expertise and resources of Glass Lewis to IVOX clients, while at the same time providing Glass Lewis clients with additional European capabilities, including our threshold management service," said Dr.
About IVOX IVOX was founded in 2005 to address the specific proxy voting requirements in Europe.
For more information on IVOX Glass Lewis please visit the IVOX Glass Lewis website.
We are thrilled to announce this latest endorsement of our market and technological leadership and look forward to this alliance with ISO," said Gregg Warren, chairman and CEO of IVOX, Inc.
IVOX DriverScore -- the "credit score" for the automotive industry -- has the potential to become the standard by which individual driver behavior is objectively assessed, compared, and analyzed for risk.
Through this strategic alliance, ISO provides not only this funding but also expects to work with IVOX on research and product development efforts to offer new and exciting products to the insurance and transportation industries.
We are looking forward to working with IVOX because many of our insurance customers have expressed an interest in understanding and using telematics data," said Steven C.
IVOX was represented in this transaction by Burr & Forman LLP.
IVOX is a device-agnostic, technology-enabled data analytics company.
As driver shortages and fuel prices continue to increase, fleets are looking for ways to reduce costs," said Gregg Warren, CEO of IVOX.
With more than 15,000 vehicle years of risk adjusted GPS data, IVOX boasts the largest repository of personal driving data linked to claims data.