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IVPIntravenous Pyelogram
IVPInter-Varsity Press
IVPIn Vitro Embryo Production
IVPIntravenous Pyelography
IVPInitial Value Problem
IVPInstallation Verification Procedure
IVPInvalid Packet
IVPInterior Versatility Pack
IVPItalian Village Pizza
IVPIntravenous Push
IVPInstituto do Vinho do Porto (Portugal)
IVPInternational Volunteers for Peace
IVPInnovation Valley Partners (Battelle Venture; NewJersey)
IVPInternational Visiting Professor (various schools)
IVPInternal Vice President
IVPInertial Vector Propagator (astronomy)
IVPInternational Visits Program (US DoD)
IVPInternet Video Phone
IVPIntervoice Voice Portal
IVPIllinois Valley Plastics (est. 1953)
IVPInstructional Vice Principal (various schools)
IVPIntegrated Vacuum Processing
IVPIndividually Vacuum Packed (food processing)
IVPInnovation Program (education)
IVPInstitutional Venture Partner(s)
IVPIntegrated Voice Processing
IVPIpion Virtual Physics
IVPIntegrated Voice Protocol
IVPInstall Verification Procedure
IVPInitial Visit Period
IVPInteractive Voice Protocol
IVPInteractive Video Production (New Jersey)
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At its core, IVP is about educating citizens at a grassroots level.
Because of the broad scope of the proposed IVP regulations, operators may be facing the challenge of providing "validated, traceable materials documentation" for thousands of fittings.
PHMSA is developing this new IVP process at the same time it is considering subjecting additional pipelines to the IM program.
Patients were prospectively evaluated in terms of urinary symptomatology, physical examination, smoking habits, IVP, abdominopelvic USG, NMP22, voided urine cytology, and NMP22 BladderChek[R] test.
26) introduced a new classification system for IVP pregnancies based on developmental outcomes of the various abnormal phenotypes, according to the degree of abnormalities: Type I, occurrence of severe abnormalities, characterized by early or late embryonic mortality (failure at distinct stages of the embryonic phase); Type II, characterized by conceptus death and abortion during the fetal phase; Type III, abnormalities compatible with a term delivery, but that inflict peri-natal death; and Type IV, moderate abnormalities compatible with a term delivery and normal or abnormal postnatal survival.
Rarely IVP will show that a child has bilateral ectopic ureters.
TABLE A PROFILE OF DIAGNOSTIC TESTS FOR URINARY TRACT STONES Accuracy in Ruling Risk of Adverse Test Out Stones Effects, % Cost Helical CT ++++ minimal $$$ IVP +++ 5-10 $$$$ Ultrasound ++ minimal $$ Urine dipstick + minimal $ CT denotes computed tomography; IVP, intravenous pyelography.
What we want to see in e-commerce ventures today," says Norman Fogelsong, an IVP managing director, "is a viable business model.
Using its position as a leader in IVP network services, AT&T last year created a Global Virtual Network Service Forum to expedite "the rapid deployment and multinational interconnection of virtual networks.
Zerto has secured a USD 50 million Series E financing led by IVP and has achieved a fourth consecutive year of 100 percent+ sales growth.