IVPNIntelligent Virtual Private Network (Business Telecommunications)
IVPNInternationale Virtuelle Private Netze (German: International Virtual Private Networks)
IVPNIntegrated Virtual Private Network (software)
IVPNIP Virtual Private Network
IVPNInternational Virtual Private Networking
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IVPN Off-Net Service is a fully managed, business ready, end-to-end secure communication service that allows Infonet clients to extend their VPNs using Internet service providers to establish secure end-to-end connectivity with Infonet's World Network.
IVPN Off-Net utilises IPSec tunnelling and encryption to provide secure, dedicated connections between client sites using the public Internet.
Additional key benefits to current and prospective clients of Infonet's IVPN Off-Net Service include: cost-savings by making use of the public Internet as the network transport; the ability to leverage the flexible connectivity and access methods that the public Internet offers; authenticated "extranet" transactions using digital certificates; and the ability to implement encryption easily and quickly using Infonet's global support infrastructure.
Infonet's IVPN Off-Net provides multinational corporations with a consistent security and management platform for connectivity to both remote internal sites and to extranet users such as business partners that are not on Infonet's network.