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IVRInteractive Voice Response
IVRInterventional Radiology
IVRInteractive Voice Recognition
IVRIntegrated Voice Response
IVRInstitute of Vehicle Recovery (UK)
IVRIntelligent Voice Response
IVRInterrupt Vector Register
IVRInternational Vehicle Register
IVRInter Vsan Routing
IVRIn-Vessel Retention (nuclear power plants)
IVRInstitute for Volunteering Research (UK)
IVRImmersive Virtual Reality
IVRInternational Vehicle Registration
IVRIdioventricular Rhythm
IVRIntramolecular Vibrational Relaxation
IVRInternet Video Recording (file format extension proprietary format - RealNetworks, Inc)
IVRIntelligent Voice Routing
IVRImage-based Virtual Reality
IVRIntroduction to Vision and Robotics
IVRInter-VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network) Routing (Cisco architecture)
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The IVR solution for healthcare industry can have multiple features.
IVR software offered by Ecosmob also supports Text-to-speech integration, Database integration , Scripting, 100% blind recording and E-mail/SMS/Fax integration.
But while marketing, sales and support teams have been the business drivers of most IVR implementations, they have had to rely on IT programmers to build, launch and update the IVR programs for them.
It makes good business sense to have an IVR system, increasing production and allowing for full cross platform integration which makes the business more efficient.
QS/1's IVR system provides automated service to physicians and pharmacy customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.