IVRSI/O (Input/Output) Virtualization Reporting Structure
IVRSIowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services
IVRSIronside Volunteer Rescue Squad (Maryland)
IVRSIndependent Valuation and Risk Services Limited (various locations)
IVRSInland Valley Recovery Services (drug and alcohol rehabilitation; est. 1962; Upland, CA)
IVRSInteractive Voice Response System
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EBPP enables a payment provider to generate the bill and receive payments, while IVRS is an interactive voice response system that enables merchants to receive credit card payments over the phone.
GBI Research, leading business intelligence provider has released its latest research report, entitled Clinical Supply Chain Management Technologies such as IVRS, CTMS, EDC and RFID Enhance Drug Supply Management.
The configurable thresholds allow your IVRS validation team to set both global and individual values for pass, manual verification, and failure at the test step level.
The IVRS is used by clinical sites to enroll patients and allocate treatments, in addition to a separate EDC system used to collect often redundant patient data as well as clinical results.
CytelRAND works with IDDI's Web-based patient registration and IVRS platform, ID-net(TM), to seamlessly access IDDI's secure, hosted trials infrastructure for centralized patient randomization in multi-center studies.
Perceptive's ClinPhone IVRS typically handles approximately two million interactions per year, depending on study requirements.
Aptuit IVRS is an advanced system that uses the latest release of Clarix's fully web-integrated IVRS solution for randomization and clinical supply management.
During the study, the advanced IVRS ensured more accurate data collection than manual entry and provided the project evaluators with detailed daily reports of the caller's ID and phone number, their trip start date, time and purpose, the number of passengers as well as the trip end date and time.
Clinical IVRS (or IWR) systems are the source and driver of patient randomization, drug dispensing, and trial supply logistics, and as such are critical to the multi-center clinical trials that they support.
The fully customizable IVRS eliminates the up to five manual dials required to reach patients, removing a large amount of unproductive workflow for already busy nurses.
Also, SBIePay is in the process to launch Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment platform (EBPP) and IVRS to make payment over phones.
Wirta brings extensive experience in clinical IVRS and supply chain management as well as in the development of global, enterprise-wide IVRS software solutions supporting clinical trial execution.