IVRTIntel Virus Response Team
IVRTIn Vitro Release Test (drug performance test)
IVRTIsovolumic Relaxation Time
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Although diastolic parameters were within normal limits; MA, MEDT, IVRT and ME/ME' were significantly higher in patient group (Table 4).
While the E peak and the E/A significantly increased after the LSMs, the IVRT and DT significantly decreased after the LSMs compared with baseline values in the conventional Doppler examination.
In particular, the ECHO monitoring revealed increases in DT and IVRT, an E:A ratio change from >1 to <1 over time, and a decrease in LVEF that were more pronounced after 12 months.
Relationship between echocardiographic variables and AHI In the correlation analysis, GLS was found to be correlated with BMI, LVMI, IVRT, E/E', LAVI, RWT and AHI parameters, however, linear correlation analysis results indicated that only the AHI parameter has a contribution to the model which describes the G[L.
6) Deceleration time, ms 225 (70-330) 195 (90-320) IVRT, ms 105 (50-150) 110 (75-145) (c) Variables Group C * [chi square] * p (n = 30) or * F Age, year 58 (35-79) 8.