IVRUInteractive Voice Response Unit
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This research shows that typical IVRUs in the utility industry may handle 20 or 25 percent of incoming calls without referring customers to a live agent; a few IVRUs handle up to 50 or 60 percent.
In addition to providing valuable benchmarking information, this report also offers specific and practical suggestions for making IVRUs more usable and more beneficial to the utilities that put them in place.
This report explains the findings and recommendations regarding the usability of electric and gas company IVRUs.
Day-Timers expects the new IVRU to be especially helpful in handling the annual high volume phone order traffic traditionally experienced during the winter months.
With the implementation of the new IVRU system from SpeechWorks, we now have a remarkable way to ensure that customers' orders are responded to quickly without making them wait on the phone.
The LDMI/TechTeam alliance provides a customer service help desk and will also offer to LDMI's customers Internet services and IVRU (Interactive Voice Response Unit) applications.