IVSCInternational Valuation Standards Council (UK)
IVSCIntegrated Vehicle System Controller
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According to IVSC (2011), the references to market participants, an orderly transaction, the transaction taking place in the principal or the most advantageous market and to the highest and best use of an asset make it clear that fair value under IFRS is consistent with the concept of market value as defined and discussed in the IVS Framework.
Therefore, the goal of the Appraisal Foundation and the IVSC is to create bridges between USPAP and IVS, as well as encourage different countries, including the United States, to adopt IVS as an internationally accepted standard.
Author's definition) IVSC excludes non-monetary assets from intangible assets but does not define the term.
Initially, IVSC standards were also criticized because they did not provide actual solutions for fair value estimation (market value or another current value), providing only the general objective and the basic principles, while the specific techniques had to be searched in manuals and other papers with technical characteristics (Deaconu et al.
Producto de ello, el International Valuation Standards Council, IVSC, en marzo de 2013 emitio el Plan estrategico y operativo 2011-2012 y 2012/13, con el objetivo de posicionar este organismo mundial, debido a la importancia del proceso de valuacion para el sistema financiero y la economia en general.
The IVSC Standards Board therefore agreed to set up a dedicated project on investment property and set up a working group comprising 20 experts from Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, comprising valuers, investors, users and academics, with the Discussion Paper being the first step in the project.
In June 2006, the IVSC signed the Madison Agreement with The Appraisal Foundation, enabling the two organizations to work toward harmonization of their standards.
The IVSC and BOJ standards can be found on the Internet at http://www.
Este trabajo es una articulacion de resultados de investigacion relacionados con el trabajo de grado de la maestria en Gestion Financiera Internacional de las autoras, y de resultados parciales del proyecto de investigacion Pertinencia de los estandares internacionales de valuacion emitidos por el IVSC [International Valuation Standards Council] y de las practicas actuales de valuacion de activos aplicadas en Colombia en la preparacion de la informacion financiera bajo NIIF [Normas Internacionales de Informacion Financiera], en el que Aracely Sanchez-Serna participa como coinvestigadora.
These and other IVSC materials could assist auditors in assessing fair value estimates.
The IVSC project to improve its standards follows calls from global and national regulators for the standards of international valuation practice to be raised.