IVSDInformitis Virtual Serial Driver
IVSDIn Vitro Starch Disappearance
IVSdInterventricular Septal Thickness at Diastole (echocardiographic parameter)
IVSDIn Vitro Starch Digestibility
IVSDInterventricular Septal Defect
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In-vitro starch digestibility (IVSD): In the present study, the IVSD values of the selected bean landraces in uncooked as well as processed conditions were compared (Tab-6).
The result clearly show that dehulling and soaking are most effective processing methods, improving IVPD and IVSD, but in the process concentration of polyphenols and other therapeutically important components decreases that may reduce the nutraceutical potential of beans.
Teratogenic effect on the cardiovascular system has: alcohol (leads to more frequent formation of IVSD, open arterial duct, IASD), amfetamines (condition IVSD, transposition of great vessels), anticonvulsive preparations--hydantoin (conditions stenosis of pulmonary artery and aorta, aorta coarctation, open arterial duct) and trimethadione (transposition of great vessels, Fallot's tetralogy, hypoplasia of heart left side), lithium (Ebshtein anomaly, tricuspid valve atresia, IASD), progestogens (Fallot's teralogy, complex CHD) (Belacon and Podzaicov, 1991; Djordjikiya et al.
There were statistically significant differences between the groups with respect to left atrium diameter, IVSDs, LVIDs, transmitral atrial filling velocity during late diastole (transmitral A wave velocity) (p = 0.