IVSIInstantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
IVSIIstituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (Italian meat promotion organization; est. 1985)
IVSIIntegrated Visual Systems, Inc. (Matthews, NC)
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By its very nature, IVSI is only an outline of how the concept of information enters into different fields of knowledge.
As with PI, pieces of these works have already appeared as scholarly articles and conference presentations, but the chapters in IVSI are especially valuable because Floridi expresses himself more boldly in them.
These two mutations together with codon 17 A [right arrow] T; -28 A [right arrow] G; IVSI,5 G [right arrow] C; IVSI,1 G [right arrow] T; and codon 71/72 +A account for [greater than or equal to] 90% of all [beta]-thalassemia alleles in this population (3-5,8).
The use of two reactions was necessitated by the fact that a few mutation sites in exon 1 and intron 1 of the [beta]-globin gene are very close together, such as codon 17; codon 19; codon 26; codon 27/28; IVSI,1; and IVSI,5.