IVSMInstitute of Voluntary Sector Management (Nigeria)
IVSMInternational Vintage Sailplane Meet (Vintage Sailplane Association; Jonesburg, MO)
IVSMIndependent Vendor Selection Management (SpecIT)
IVSMIn-Vessel Storage Module
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05) stage to stage decline in mean serum progesterone concentration followed a similar trend after administration of both Cloprostenol sodium and Dinoprost trome thamine at different doses by IM or IVSM route.
In the present study, the decline of progesterone in responded cows followed a similar trend to reach basal levels by 72 hours following administration of different doses of Cloprostenol sodium and Dinoprost tromethamine either by IM and IVSM route.
However, the mean serum progesterone concentration of two cows which received 125 [micro]g of Cloprostenol sodium by IVSM route declined below the basal level but there were no overt signs of estrus which could be identified by the farmer.