IVSTInter Ventricular Septal Thickness
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The patients in the three groups did not have significant differences in LVEDd, IVST, LVPWT, LVM, LVMI, LA, LVESd, EDV, ESV, SV, EF, and FS levels between baseline and 12 months after treatment (all P > 0.
M-Mod ekokardiyogram olcumlerinde IVST, PWT, sol ventrikul end-diyastolik caplar ve sol ventrikul end-sistolik caplar korda tendinea seviyesinden Amerikan Ekokardiyografi Dernegi onerileri dogrultusunda olculdu (8).
sup][24],[25] Furthermore, our report shows there was a statistical significance between low risk for OSA and high risk for OSA in IVST, LVED, and LVPWT ( P < 0.