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IVTIntel Virtualization Technology (computer architecture)
IVTIn Vitro Transcription
IVTIntel Virtualization Technology
IVTInfinitely Variable Transmission
IVTIn Vivo Testing
IVTInitial Vocational Training (European Commission)
IVTInternet Vision Technologies (Australia)
IVTIntermediate Value Theorem (mathematics)
IVTInterrupt Vector Table
IVTIntravenous Therapy
IVTIntervehicular Transfer (US NASA)
IVTInteractive Video Teletraining
IVTInterface Verification Test (NASA)
IVTInteractive Video Training
IVTIntegrating Vision Toolkit
IVTInstallation Visualization Tool
IVTInstallation Verification Testing
IVTIndustrin För Växt-Och Träskyddsmedel (Sweden)
IVTCurrent-Voltage-Temperature (I = current)
IVTIntravenous Transfusion
IVTIntensified Verification Testing (food safety)
IVTIndependent Verification Team
IVTIntegration, Verification, and Training
IVTInterface Validation Test(ing)
IVTInnovative Voice Technologies (Schaumburg, IL)
IVTIntelligent Virtual Terminal
IVTInternet Virtual Tour
IVTIn Virus Tandem (band)
IVTIntelligent Vehicle Technologies, LLC
IVTIndustrieverband Textil
IVTIndex Versus Target
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The complete response letter (CRL) indicates that the FDA is unable to approve the application in its present form and requests additional substantiating evidence to demonstrate efficacy of IVT sirolimus in the treatment of noninfectious uveitis of the posterior segment.
The IVT and the control group were also submitted to a sham procedure comprising drying of the cervix with gauze for 30 seconds.
The gridded forecast products feature plan-view, cross-sectional, and time series analyses and forecasts of the IWV; horizontal water vapor flux; and the IVT vector, among other parameters.
On comparison, IVT + IVB group was more effective in reducing CMT with statistically significant difference (p=0.
Therefore, aim of our study was to evaluate whether differences could exist on physiological parameters at IVT and at maximal effort in obese with sarcopenia or diabetes mellitus subjects.
2max], IAT and IVT during an incremental treadmill running test until exhaustion.
Marc Mansour, vice president of R&D at IVT, remarked:
And IVT Studio isn't the only product demonstrating this new trend.
But many of those early problems were solved as we worked closely with IVT to improve the tool.
IVT has a non-exclusive right to use PADRE in combination with up to three different targets for its vaccines.