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IVTIn Vitro Transcription
IVTInfinitely Variable Transmission
IVTInitial Vocational Training (European Commission)
IVTIntermediate Value Theorem (mathematics)
IVTInterrupt Vector Table
IVTIntravenous Therapy
IVTInteractive Video Teletraining
IVTInterface Verification Test (NASA)
IVTInteractive Video Training
IVTIntegrating Vision Toolkit
IVTInstallation Visualization Tool
IVTInstallation Verification Testing
IVTIndustrin För Växt-Och Träskyddsmedel (Sweden)
IVTCurrent-Voltage-Temperature (I = current)
IVTIntravenous Transfusion
IVTIntensified Verification Testing (food safety)
IVTIndependent Verification Team
IVTIntegration, Verification, and Training
IVTInterface Validation Test(ing)
IVTInnovative Voice Technologies (Schaumburg, IL)
IVTIntelligent Virtual Terminal
IVTIn Virus Tandem (band)
IVTInternet Virtual Tour
IVTIntelligent Vehicle Technologies, LLC
IVTIndustrieverband Textil
IVTIndex Versus Target
IVTInternet Vision Technologies (Australia)
IVTIntel Virtualization Technology (computer architecture)
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In conclusion Stokes added our decision to form the joint venture company with IVT is timely in light of the recent derailments and fatalities in North America.
We are encouraged by the Court's decision to award Celsis IVT injunctive relief in this case.
The issuance of the patent in Japan complements the United States and European patents for our vaccine platform technology," said Dr Randal Chase, President and CEO of IVT.
Because IVT is part of the standard labeling protocol for the Affymetrix platform, the fidelity and reproducibility of this method have frequently been analyzed with Affymetrix GeneChip assays (13-15) and self-made cDNA spotted microarrays (6, 7,16,17).
According to senior analyst Robert LaGuerra, such government support will likely spur adoption of IVT systems, because of their generally high cost.
The addition of IVT will greatly enhance Advanstar's presence in the development and manufacturing markets.
Though both Torvec's IVT and the Hydristor use hydraulic pressure to transfer power from the engine to the wheels, the IVT adds a gearset to the mix, and focuses mainly on improving city and urban fuel economy.
The IVT Detection and Filtration guidance significantly expands existing filtration requirements and provides a much stronger structure to help ensure that measurers have processes in place to assess and detect new IVT scenarios as they emerge.
With IVT PrimeTime and its existing line-up of rich media video communications and webcasting products, IVT is leading the industry with a scalable, highly secure EVCP offering.
IVT assumes no responsibility to update forward-looking statements in this press release.
IVT will commence its Burstware(R) Linux Beta program immediately.
Chief executive Mr Maurice Martin said he has had discussions with "nine out of ten" car makers with a view to developing the IVT technology in mass-produced cars.