IVTDIn Vitro True Digestibility
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However, the significant increases observed in the infarct size of ICD rats were substantially lower in IVTD (P<0.
IVTD = {(DM of feed taken for incubation - NDF residue) x100}/DM of feed taken for incubation
Cultivars did not differ in IVTD or in NDF in the first (spring) harvest.
Abbreviations: ADF, acid detergent fiber: CP, crude protein: DM, dry matter: NDF, neutral detergent fiber: NDFD, neutral detergent fiber digestibility: NSC, non-structural carbohydrates: OG, orchardgrass; RG, reed canarygrass: TF, tall fescue; VFA, volatile fatty acid; IVTD, in vitro true digestibility.
The other parameters like NH3-N, enzyme activity, volatile fatty acids and IVTD were analysed at 24 h of incubation.
In 1999, the IVTD of the leaf and stem fractions of the low-ADL/CEL parental group was higher than that of the high-ADL/ CEL parental group (Table 2).
Both hays from the more preferred first harvest were lower in NDF, ADF, hemicellulose, lignin, and ADIA and higher in IVTD than the less preferred harvest.
Correlation analysis was conducted to study the relationships among IVTD, IVNDFD, fiber components and their ratios, and plant biomass, using population mean values within years and the correlation matrix method (SAS Institute, 1996, Cary, NC).
Abbreviations: CP, crude protein; dNDF, digestible neutral detergent fiber: IVTD, in vitro true digestibility; LSR, leaf-to-stem mass ratio: NDF, neutral detergent fiber: SLA, specific leaf area.
2] families were selected on the basis of a heritability-based selection index consisting of total whole-plant yield, NDF, IVTD, NDFD, and CP.
05) 7 19 IVTD Dry Normal Wet A 865 882 893 B 843 865 860 C 887 891 889 D 829 844 857 LSD (0.