IVTDMDIn Vitro Total Dry Matter Digestibility
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Concentration of IVTDMD and CP were greater in the April-harvested forage; whereas NDF and its fiber constituents were consistently lower.
The composition of the hays differed among endophyte status for IVTDMD (P < 0.
The greater dry matter intake obtained with goats fed MaxQ hay is consistent with its observed greater IVTDMD and CP and lower ADF and cellulose concentrations relative to the wild-type hay.
In the steer trial, differences were found mainly in IVTDMD, CP, and NDF concentrations.
Calibration and cross-validation results for NIRS analysis of TNC and IVTDMD concentrations in orchardgrass herbage.
AM cuts on all fiber fractions, IVTDMD, and carbohydrate fractions.
The IVTDMD was again higher in the PM hays, the N[O.
The fiber fractions were increased while IVTDMD and CP were decreased in the orts.