IVTECIntelligent Vtec
IVTECIntelligent Valve Timing and lift, Electronic Control (Honda/Acura)
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Regardless of educational background, IVTEC will prepare students for the globally-renowned City and Guilds of London qualification, National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB) certification and other vocation-specific qualifications.
5-liter four-cylinder is a single overhead cam design, supplemented by the addition of Honda's iVTEC variable valve timing system.
5-litre IVTEC V6 with ADAS and CMBS costing pounds 39,102.
0-litre 197bhp Ivtec four-pot engine revs to a frantic 8,000rpm, dispatching 60 in around six seconds with an all-out max of over 150.
0L V-6 iVTEC with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) found in the 2005 Odyssey minivan with the addition of magnesium valve covers and intake manifold to reduce weight.
Wheras the recently introduced iVTEC engines of the Stream and Civic Type-R models have been designed for a balance between performance and efficiency, the type of powerplant in the Jazz targets the ultimate degree of fuel economy.
6 litre Ivtec engine, it was way more fuel efficient.
5-litre iVTEC engine and transmission of the current models.
0 IVTEC ES PRICE: pounds 22,835 MECHANICAL: 148bhp, 1,997cc, fourcylinder petrol engine driving four wheels via six-speed manual gearbox MAX SPEED: 118mph 0-62 MPH: 10.
0-litre iVTEC engine is enough to satisfy any boy racer - taking the car to 62mph is just 6.
You can step up the pace by ramming on the revs - and I confess I do like the growl of Honda's iVTEC engines under such pressure - but even then I didn't get anywhere near the official 10.
The flagship model is a 2-litre iVTEC Sport costing pounds 16,400.