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IVUSIntravascular Ultrasound
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The Volcano s5i can now accommodate the three primary intravascular diagnostic tools in regular use by cardiologists today (high frequency rotational IVUS, fast and simple phased array IVUS, and pressure-based FFR guidewires) on a single platform, making modern day imaging consoles more flexible than ever before.
Joe Burnett, associate vice president of marketing for Volcano, said, "We believe that IVUS is one of the fastest growing market segments in interventional cardiology today.
Scott Huennekens, Volcano's president & CEO commented, "Approval of the s5i system in Japan is a significant milestone as it makes Volcano the only company to offer an integrated IVUS console to the largest worldwide IVUS market.
We are very grateful to our existing shareholders for their continued support of the company and for recognizing the tremendous potential of the LipiScan IVUS system to improve cardiac stenting safety and patient care," said Donald Southard, president and chief executive officer of InfraReDx.
Low penetration of IVUS into the PCI procedures, increasing PCI and stent procedures, increasing risks of cardiovascular diseases, and ageing population are some of the factors which are likely to be responsible for the growth of IVUS market in future.
PCI penetration rate is the most important indicator of the IVUS market growth.
Volcano's s5i product uses a new PC-based platform that reduces the size, weight and noise of the older generation IVUS consoles.
The PROSPECT study will correlate plaque characteristics from IVUS, patient risk factors and biomarker measurements with subsequent heart attacks and other cardiac events, potentially paving the way for physicians to identify and treat at-risk patients before a heart attack occurs.
EndoSonics believes that angiography alone is insufficient to see the entire vessel structure, and that only through IVUS can physicians optimally direct radiation to the entire vessel wall.