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IVVRInteractive Voice & Video Response
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php) develops and implements VAS for Mobile/Wired Telcos and Service Providers based on its large portfolio of innovative services, which include IVVR, VideoSMS, Video RBT, Reverse Charging, Call Filtering, RoamVMail, and many others.
2) In addition, during the 3GSM Forum in Barcelona (February 12-15, 2007), Buongiorno presented some novelties for 2007 in a global market increasingly rich and varied in mobile digital entertainment, including: Music Channel for Videofonia 3, the first music TV channel for mobiles; Video Chat, the first videochat on the new IVVR standard, making finding new friends and interacting with video telephony even easier and more fun; V-mark, a new solution for the sharing of user-generated content (UGC) with UGC authors' tracing and payment, a real revolution in P2P message exchange and a new way of marketing, designed to sharply accelerate P2P MMS traffic and advertising messages; On Device Portal, a software for user-friendly management of VAS content installed in mobile phones
Video Text Overlay - enables the overlay of text in multiple languages on top of video streams, providing more flexibility for the video solution developer to deploy captivating interactive 3G video features, such as participant names with a video conference pane, labeling a camera location in a mobile video surveillance application, advertisement insertions, or IVVR.
With this announcement Buongiorno marks its 3rd day presence at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona where the Company has presented an array of new products ranging from the first ever live video chat on IVVR, an interactive Music Channel for 3, a Blinko proprietary on device interface to manage VAS playlists and a Content Sharing Service for tracking also UGC.
0 for ATCA enables Dialogic customers to build high-value, next-generation video services such as advanced IVVR, video call center and video conferencing/chat for 3G wireless and broadband IP networks.
IVVR platform and enabling software vendors (in alphabetical order)