IVXIntegrated Voice Exchange
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This suggestion has been well taken by the public health practitioners and policy makers, and the addition of IVX as an essential supplement for the isolation of H.
Comparative cost of CA with and without IVX were also calculated and compared.
IVX (Becton Dickinson, Sparks, USA) was added to CA at 45[degrees]C, and equal amounts (10 ml) of CA or CA-IVX were dispensed into respective separate chambers of the same petriplate.
CONTACT: Robert Jaffe, Director, Corporate Communications, IVX BioScience, Inc.
IVX BioScience Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
CONTACT: Robert Jaffe, Director, Corporate Communications of IVX BioScience, 305-575-6041; or Robert W.
IVX Presence Management combines an ESI IVX phone system with IVX Presence Management RFID Readers, each located at an entry door and connected to a digital telephone port.
Patent for our presence-sensing technology, and the same team of innovators produced IVX Presence Management," said Doug Boyd, ESI's President and Chief Operating Officer.
The IVX Presence Management RFID Reader, electronic keys, and Time and Attendance Management Option are available immediately.
Our migration path provides for easy upgradability from our IVX E-Class, which has a maximum of 128 communications ports, to IVX X-Class, with a maximum of 256 ports, and finally to IVX Y-Class, with a maximum of 512 ports.
The company also announced that, at the same time it introduces IVX Y-Class, it will also present a new, PC-based Attendant Console which will provide advanced visual call handling in concert with ESI's VIP integrated communications application.
ESI plans to make both IVX Y-Class and the PC-based Attendant Console available for its Resellers to offer in the first quarter of 2006.