IWAIInland Waterways Association of Ireland
IWAIInland Waterways Authority of India
IWAIIslamic World Arts Initiative
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The males demonstrated a jabbing response with the thumb when they were picked up, and the many scars on the male spines provided evidence of fighting," Iwai explained in a statement.
The court also sentenced Hirokazu Iwai, 55, former board member of the precursor of Clover Trading Co.
added, "I forecast the fragmented regional brokerages of Japan will be consolidated in the near future and Iwai took a positive first step for further growth.
The combined assets under custody at Iwai and Cosmo stood at 1.
The project's cost rose to about $350m, for which a loan of $260m was arranged by Nissho Iwai in late 1994.
For more information on the Iwai Securities listing, please visit <a href="http://www.
Brennan found that the Nissho Iwai logistics company couldn't provide service that satisfied the core market of women in their 40's and 50's.
Demand for digital cameras is expected to ''peak next year,'' Iwai added.
subsidiary of Nissho Iwai Corporation, a publicly-held integrated global trading company.
Nissho Iwai and NTT-X plan to expand eBis Trade's capital to 1.
Authorities said in July 1995, Iwai gave birth to a full-term 8-pound girl while sitting on the toilet and left it there for 30 minutes while the infant drowned.
The holding company has already sold the former head office building of Nissho Iwai Corp.