IWFAInternational Women's Fishing Association
IWFAInternational Wholesale Furniture Association
IWFAIterative Water-Filling Algorithm
IWFAIrish Woodworkers for Africa (sustainable development; natural resources)
IWFAInternational Window Film Association
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As we spend more time indoors and in cars exposed to natural sunshine, we open ourselves up to skin damage," said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA.
Called The IWFA View, the new bi-monthly publication will offer information for its members, which includes window film manufacturers, distributors and dealers.
Few people have more knowledge about window film and all that it offers than Darrell Smith, and we are delighted he is going to share his expertise gathered from a wide range of industry sources in this new blog," said John Parker, president of the IWFA.
Called The IWFA View, the free bi-monthly publication offers business and industry articles that can be found nowhere else.
Darrell Smith, the executive director of the IWFA, will speak to the gathering of top window coverings retailers on how window film can be a profitable new product line and a 'win-win' business strategy by partnering with IWFA dealers.
The development of a variety of successful communication programs to expand the reputation of the IWFA is one of the proudest achievements for the partnership.
The IWFA today released new data from a national survey conducted online by Harris Poll in late February 2014 among 3,034 U.
The mission of the IWFA is to provide value-added services to its membership, to help sustain and grow its members' businesses, and to partner with its manufacturers and other members to increase consumer awareness and demand for all types of professionally-installed window film products.
International Window Film Association-Manufacturers Committee (IWFA-MC)-- the IWFA is an industry trade organization servicing manufacturers, distributors, dealers and installers of window film solutions that provide energy savings to the architectural and automotive industries.
The IWFA points out that windows around a home's entryway offer an inviting target for thieves to smash their way inside.
The window film industry is seeing increased growth, so ready access to accredited window film professional installers is a cornerstone of our profession," said Jack Mundy, chair of the IWFA Members Action Committee.