IWGInternational Working Group on Women and Sport
IWGInvestigators Working Group (EOS)
IWGInternational Wenches Guild
IWGInches of Water Gauge (volume-flow rate)
IWGIntegrated Working Group
IWGInformation Windowing Group
IWGInitialization Working Group
IWGIdiots with Guns
IWGIndustrial Waste Group (Exton, PA; est. 1998)
IWGIndependent Working Group (various organizations)
IWGInformal Working Group
IWGInstant Win Game
IWGImplementation Working Group
IWGInternational Working Group
IWGInteroperability Working Group
IWGInvestigation Working Group
IWGIntegration Working Group
IWGIntelligence Working Group
IWGInteractive Working Group
IWGInteragency Working Group
IWGInterface Working Group
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It is understood a concern of the IWG was the volume of surgical cases being dealt with in Belfast was not enough to maintain the necessary skills.
In April 2011, the IWG released a set of Preliminary Proposed Nutrition Principles (PPNP) geared at child-directed food marketing.
The industry response to the IWG proposals has been quite critical (Better Business Bureau Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative, 2011b).
Caption: Among the 2007 IWG criteria, positivity to 18-FDG-PET had the highest positive likelihood ratio.
Instead, the IWG proposal leaps from a presumption of a universal problem to a conclusion that government needs to coerce private companies to abide by a new food code for children.
With this thinking in mind, it gives me great pleasure to announce the establishment of IWG in Jordan with the aim of becoming the Middle East's major aviation holding company.
Today, and with this thinking in mind, it gives me great pleasure to announce the establishment of IWG in Jordan
IWG, a major aviation holding company in the Middle East', has announced the establishment of its new unit in Jordan.
The IWG emphasises three key-elements: (1) SWFs are owned by the general government; (2) the investment strategies include investments in foreign financial assets, thereby explicitly excluding those funds that solely invest in domestic assets; (3) SWFs are created to achieve financial objectives (7).
Cuando se toma como valor absoluto (IWG), el punto de corte mas utilizado como criterio de no adhesion es IWG > 2,5 Kg.
ADIA was, however, the only fund in the UAE to formally participate in the IWG meetings and publicly support the principles.