IWIFInternational Wine Investment Fund (Berri, South Australia, Australia)
IWIFInternational Workshop on Intelligent Finance
IWIFInjured Worker's Insurance Fund
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IWIF later sought to unwind its relationship with the vendor.
Three years later, Bromwell and his wife were indicted on charges of contractor kickbacks unrelated to his appointment as CEO of IWIF.
Moreover, VIP provides the necessary security for IWIF to extend access to the repository to remote employees, customers, and other stakeholders via the Web.
That way, IWIF employees can collaborate and respond immediately to the needs of our customers.
This action will position us for continued success in serving the workers' compensation insurance needs of Maryland employers," says Thomas Phelan, president of IWIF in a statement.
Dennis Carroll, IWIF executive vice president and general counsel, says the change became necessary after the state's attorney general determined that the state had the right to access the insurer's surplus fund because IWIF is a state entity.
We have engaged FirstBest for their industry expertise and best-practice collaborative underwriting system, so IWIF can be as competitive as possible," stated Thomas Phelan, CPA, President and CEO of IWIF.
Improve technology - By delivering more value in less time via a modern and packaged front office solution based on industry best practices, enabling IWIF to quickly seize new market opportunities
IWIF is a self-supporting insurance trust created by the Maryland Legislature and funded exclusively by policyholder premiums and investment income.
and has held senior level positions as Finance Manager, Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer with CNA Financial, Computer Sciences Corporation and IWIF.
8 million of the increase relates to the new IWIF contract that began in June 1996 and the balance to new groups.
ourselves with IWIF as it provides the company with another avenue for