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IWMImperial War Museum (UK)
IWMInstitut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (German: Institute for Human Sciences; Austria)
IWMIntegrated Weed Management
IWMIntegrated Waste Management
IWMInformation Warfare Monitor (cyberspace research program)
IWMInstitute of Wastes Management
IWMInside Wire Maintenance
IWMI Want More
IWMInstitute of World Mission (missionary organization)
IWMInteractive Workflow Manager (Hekimian)
IWMI Wet Myself
IWMInstitute of Works Management
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based air traffic management systems subsidiary Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems has upgraded the air traffic control voice communication system at IWM Duxford by providing it with a future-proof Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capability.
The IWM curators began to appreciate just how complex and extensive this supply tail is.
The IWM process starts with the development of a Waste Management Plan (WMP), which is prepared in collaboration with the waste generator to establish all the pertinent hazard and resource recovery parameters for the waste, including detailed waste characterization studies/analyzes, correct ADR classification and pilot testing/treatability studies.
Saving Lives: Frontline Medicine in a Century of Conflict, opens at IWM North on October 13 and continues until September 1, 2013.
The company added, in a statement: "To ensure that it can continue to offer fast response to customer demands even though its business is growing rapidly, IWM has installed an additional sheet metal brake press, which will be used to fabricate many of the stainless steel components of its machines.
Inside IWM North's Main Exhibition Space, visitors can explore unique artefacts from the conflict.
The newly designed site, equipped with a content management system that allows full control over Search Engine Optimization, will help IWM develop custom content around targeted search terms.
To determine the loads at which the miniscule capsules measuring just 1 to 50 micrometers break open, the scientists test them at the IWM with a Vickers indenter.
The aim of our IWM strategies is to reduce weed pressure and keep weeds within acceptable levels which make it easier for herbicides to function properly and reduce the selection pressure for resistance, said Christine Brunel-Ligneau, Head of Bayer s IWM program.
Women working on |Teesside during the First World War IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM LOCALISM WOODEN JOINTS - IWM (Q 20139)
THE other model will go to IWM Duxford, part of the Imperial War Museum.
In addition, like all IWM machines, they have been carefully designed to eliminate dirt traps and to allow easy access to key components, including pumps and filters, making it easy and inexpensive to clean and to maintain.