IWMAIntegrated Waste Management Authority
IWMAIrish Waste Management Association
IWMAInternational Working Men’s Association
IWMAInternational Wire & Machinery Association
IWMAIron Wolf Martial Arts
IWMAIntegrated Waste Management Account
IWMAInternational Workshop on Max-Algebra
IWMAInternational Water Mist Association
IWMAIntegrated Waste Management Act of 1989
IWMAInterim Watershed Mitigation Addendum
IWMAImporters, Wholesalers and Manufacturers Association
IWMAIdentical-Waveform Multiple-Access
IWMAInternational Workshop on Modern Acoustics
IWMAIntegrated WDM Monitor Array
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The litigation defense programs that IWMA developed were created and managed by a committee established by the association's board of directors.
The first hurdle to be overcome was the unwillingiess of IWMA members to share information with their competitors.
IWMA began by making an industrywide analysis of the liability problem to identify where the most costly claims were occurring.
Using this data, IWMA developed recommended minimum safety guidelines for the use of widgets and a set of recommended safety warnings to be placed on product labels.
In developing its safety guidelines and warnings, IWMA bore in mind the risk of an association assuming liability for unsafe industry practices.
While working on the liability data base and discussing their litigation experiences, IWMA members noticed that the same expert witnesses frequently would testify in plaintiffs' favor.
IWMA compiled these defense arguments and asked members to comment on their relative strengths and weaknesses and on how successful they were in practice.
Each IWMA member holds a paper copy of each data base--expert witnesses, plaintiffs counsel, and defense arguments.
The IWMA can't collect the rubbish for a month because of a new quota system being imposed at Baleally dump in Dublin - and they have already filled August's allocation.