IWPSIndividual Workload Perception Scale (psychometric tool)
IWPSIndividual World Poetry Slam (est. 2003; Poetry Slam, Inc.)
IWPSInternational Women's Peace Service (Palestine)
IWPSInstitute of War and Peace Studies
IWPSInland Waterways Protection Society (est. 1958; UK)
IWPSIndustry Wide Pension Scheme (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority; UK)
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IWPS volunteers over the years have provided regular accompaniment to Palestinian civilians, including to farmers trying to reach their land and who have been prevented by the Israeli military and/or illegal settlers.
In recent months, IWPS has been active in supporting the non-violent demonstrations in the village of An Nabi Saleh.
PNN / IWPS -- The Israeli cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem continues to proceed rapidly: neighborhoods include Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah, At Tur and Shu'afat, among others.
Kristen Ess (courtesy to IWPS for copious information) - The report comes three days after the arrests of several children, but is of no less import as invasions are on the rise in Hares as IWPS told PNN Sunday.
Haris, Salfit / IWPS - Several Israeli military jeeps entered Haris, a village in the Salfit district of the West Bank, again tonight and declared an all-night curfew, allegedly in response to stone-throwing on Highway 5, which is used by Israeli settlers.
CASI developes and licenses two distinct products under its suite of integration tools known as Integrators Workbench(TM) Product Series or IWPS.
Because this was not the first attack on the village, over the next few months, IWPS, the ISM, the Ecumenical Accompaniers (EA) and Rabbis for Human Rights developed a roster to allow internationals and Israeli anti-occupation activists to either provide a presence in the village or to be on-call should any more settler attacks occur.
Three days later on June 19, both IWPS and UN OCHA oPt documented settlers from Yitzhar and other illegal setters attacking two houses in Burin, stoning Palestinian plated cars and settingAa fire to the farm lands of Palestinians villagers from Burin, Asira al Qibilya and Urif, destroying more than 800 dunums of olive groves.
My IWPS team mate and myself received the news of Ahmed's death last night as we arrived in Ramallah.
In the morning, other members of the ISM and IWPS began to arrive in Ramallah, so we could all go to the hospital at 10am to be part of Ahmed's funeral procession and to accompany his family home with his body.
The IWPS software and the configuration methodology it represents will enable us to better leverage our existing systems sales by providing an extremely competitive integration and asset management tool," stated Max Toghraie, Vice President of Data Net.
The staging and implementation of Cisco's networking systems will be automated using Glasgal's IWPS software.