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IWRInstitute for Water Resources
IWRInternationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien (German: International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies)
IWRInput Output Write
IWRImpaired Waters Rule (Florida)
IWRInteractive Web Response
IWRIntelligent Word Recognition
IWRInternet Weather Report
IWRInstitute for Water Research
IWRIsolated Word Recognition
IWRIndependent Wrestling Revolution (professional wrestling circuit)
IWRI Will Report
IWRInternet Weekly Report (blog)
IWRIntegral Water Repellent (masonry mortar)
IWRInstitute for Wood Research
IWRInternal Work Request
IWRInter-Works Requisition
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Balancing what the patient and investigator "should do" in parallel with what they "have to do" and "need to do" once a patient deviates from the protocol, can often lead to tension when designing the IVR/ IWR and consumption of significant resource troubleshooting a clinical scenario that wasn't expected, but non the less has now occurred at site.
For example, if the safe IWR is 5%, and the retiree has an account balance of $1,000,000, then the retiree is assumed to spend $50,000 in the first year ($1,000,000 x 5%), and in subsequent years is assumed to increase the $50,000 amount by inflation.
One certainty is that the technology for IWR exists and despite some initial obstacles (primarily cost and piracy issues), the studios are poised to take advantage of the technology and increase the rate at which they receive returns for individual films.
National Wetland Mitigation Banking Study, An Examination of Wetland Programs: Opportunities for Compensatory Mitigation, IWR Report 94-WMB-5 (Alexandria, Virginia: U.
Our various solutions, such as OnPoint CTMS, Trident IWR, and Express EDC integrate with each other to help get studies running quickly and efficiently.
IWR expects output from German offshore wind plants to exceed 10TWh this year, which would be a new record high and an increase from 8.
Because Open Government tries to cover data and content of all kinds, it does not provide the granularity offered by other open licensing models, she told IWR.
He also claimed that since I had spoken again to him upon his return in October--for a separate article for In formation Today--the IWR article was wrong to state that Aslib had not made anyone available to comment on the book sale.
BioClinica's Trident IWR and EDC systems were selected based on BioClinica's advanced technology portfolio, experience with large global trials; and cardiology expertise.
IWR technology allows access to data across the Internet via standard World Wide Web browsers.
This was a business decision," Jim Seals, CAS' Director of Marketing and Corporate Development told IWR.