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IWRInstitute for Water Resources
IWRInteractive Web Response
IWRIntelligent Word Recognition
IWRInternet Weather Report
IWRInstitute for Water Research
IWRIsolated Word Recognition
IWRIndependent Wrestling Revolution (professional wrestling circuit)
IWRI Will Report
IWRInternet Weekly Report (blog)
IWRIntegral Water Repellent (masonry mortar)
IWRInstitute for Wood Research
IWRInternal Work Request
IWRInter-Works Requisition
IWRInternationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien (German: International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies)
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Walt Hatfield, President of MHS Legacy Group said, Having served as a Project Director with IWR for the past five years, I am confident Todd will be a natural fit for this position .
National Wetland Mitigation Banking Study, An Examination of Wetland Programs: Opportunities for Compensatory Mitigation, IWR Report 94-WMB-5 (Alexandria, Virginia: U.
Our various solutions, such as OnPoint CTMS, Trident IWR, and Express EDC integrate with each other to help get studies running quickly and efficiently.
Our customers are recognizing the synergy and simplicity of combining self-service access to their database from either a telephone or Web portal and we foresee current IVR users will expect IWR capability as they upgrade existing IVR systems.
Express is fully integrated in real-time with BioClinca's Trident IWR and OnPoint CTMS systems.
OptiNose's analysis found BioClinica Optimizer and Trident IWR products to be extremely user-friendly, with the added benefit of significantly reducing study build time.
Magazine articles, websites, blogs (yes, IWR pleads guilty) plus a host of conferences and seminars are giving the profession a clear message that social media is seen as the issue that it has to come to grips with.
ClinTest(TM) has been utilized for a wide variety of clinical software including EDC, IWR, IVR, and CTM systems.
As this issue of IWR highlights, this is not a straightforward task.
IWR also reports that it will take several weeks "at best" for a return to stability, but that for the time being, prices are being held down by a series of facilities shutting down for maintenance.
NASDAQ: BIOC), a global provider of clinical trial management solutions, today announced a new release of Trident IWR, the latest addition to its best-in-class suite of eClinical applications.