IWRAInternational Water Resources Association
IWRAInternational Wild Rice Association
IWRAInternational Wildlife Refuge Alliance (est. 2006)
IWRAInventory of Work-Relevant Abilities (ACT, Inc.)
IWRAInstant Wealth Resource Awareness (internet forum)
IWRAInternational Water Rocket Association
IWRAInternet Website Rating Administration
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As reported by ACT (2001), Grade 12 students in two samples (Ns = 1,049 and 1,503) provided self-estimates for all 15 IWRA abilities.
With respect to IWRA, scores on Holland's (1997) six types are linked to career options via the empirically based World-of-Work Map (WWM), an extension of Holland's hexagon.
The limitations include the use of an early form of IWRA.