IWRAWInternational Women's Rights Action Watch
IWRAWInternational Weed Risk Assessment Workshop
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For more information specifically on the CCD, please see the IWRAW publication, New Guidelines for Human Rights Treaty Reporting: Opportunities for Women's Human Rights NGOs, available on this IWRAW Web site.
Shadow reports for 1992-2000, produced by IWRAW, are on the IWRAW Web site, under IWRAW country reports.
If not ensure which the attending the session, send documents State Party 40 hard copies arrive at is reviewed to: CEDAW Secretariat least one UNOG-OHCHR, CH-1211 week before Geneva 10 Switzerland the session You can alternatively send your shadow report to IWRAW Asia Pacific, and it will distribute electronic and hardcopies to Committee members.
IWRAW staff and volunteers: Linda Foreman, volunteer extraordinaire; Kasia Polanska, former IWRAW Deputy Director; Jennifer Callahan, research assistant; Jonathan Krieger, research assistant; Isiuwa Iyahen, research assistant and Humphrey Institute Cram-Dalton Scholar; Sarah Peterson Stensrud, research assistant and Humphrey Institute Cram-Dalton Scholar.
The NGO participants in the November 2003 IWRAW training workshop in Geneva, on Using the Covenant to Promote Women's Human Rights, who provided wonderful, grounded commentary to which we hope we have done justice.
A few NGOs, such as IWRAW and the Center on Reproductive Law and Policy, focus on systemic issues by identifying and reporting on the failure to live up to treaty obligations and by providing assistance to national-level NGOs that are working on the issues within their communities.
43) An academic colleague who had press accreditation for the International Conference on Population and Development and for the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing remarked to the IWRAW director that he was not allowed into certain delegate meetings to which accredited NGOs had ready access.
This article is dedicated to Arvonne Fraser, founding director of the IWRAW program and valued mentor, and to Daphne, wherever she may be found.
1) A one-day orientation for selected NGO and government representatives on the Convention's principles and the scope of State obligation [held on 13 November 1999 by UNIFEM-South Asia, IWRAW Asia Pacific and the National Alliance of Women (NAWO), involving the sharing of experiences of Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh whose reports had already been reviewed];
2) A two-day conference on preparing an alternative report (held from 14 to 15 November 1999 in New Delhi by NAWO with technical help from IWRAW Asia Pacific;
3) The actual preparation of the report (done from September to December 1999 with coordination by NAWO and technical help and guidelines from IWRAW Asia Pacific); and
5) More detailed guidelines to monitor and contribute to the implementation of CEDAW have been developed by IWRAW Asia Pacific (see <www.