IWSSCInternational Weapon System Support Centre (Hallbergmoos, Germany)
IWSSCInternational Workshop on Satellites and Space Communications
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The IWSSC is the International organisation through which Industry - represented by Eurofighter and Eurojet - and the Eurofighter Typhoon Weapon System operator community - represented by NETMA and the four Eurofighter Partner Nation Air Forces - provide and undertake technical In-Service Support of all Eurofighter Typhoon Weapon System products.
Commenting on events CEO Eurofighter GmbH, Filippo Bagnato stated: Cpound sterlingThe IWSSC represents a step change in the way support for an advanced system, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon Weapon System, is conducted throughout its 40-plus years of service life.
Commenting for NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA), General Emilio Poyo Guerrero stated: Cpound sterlingThe opening of the IWSSC is a positive step forward in our partnership with industry to provide effective maintenance and support to the Eurofighter Typhoon Weapon System throughout its service life.