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IWWIndustrial Workers of the World (labor union; known as the Wobblies)
IWWInland Waterway
IWWIt Was Written (Nas album)
IWWIrish Whip Wrestling
IWWInternational Women's Week
IWWItalian Women Writers
IWWInternet World Wireless (trade show)
IWWInland Wetlands and Watercourses (Connecticut)
IWWIndustrial Wastewater
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The anarchist-communist, and later anarcho-syndicalist, Union of Russian Workers were active in Canada, as was the Federated Anarchist Groups of Canada (and their paper The Awakener), but apart from the IWW, there was never a strong, permanent anarchist organization in Canada.
The IWW Amsterdam Conference is kicked off by a number of high level key note speakers: HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan, chair of the UNSGAB, Dutch Minister Schultz van Haegen for Water and Infrastructure, mr Ger Bergkamp, executive director of IWA, the International Water Assocation.
Los Angeles City School Superintendent Albert Shields wrote and imposed a lengthy loyalty oath on the city's teachers in 1919 with the expressed intent of firing any who professed support for the IWW, a legal labor union.
The DZI5WM IWW twin spindle VMC features an 800mm trunnion with a swing circle of 450 mm.
The title comes from a Wobbly description of California, and the book contains Sinclair's condemnation of the violation of IWW members' rights during the 1923 San Pedro harbor strike.
This history of the IWW draws on multiple talents, including those of Harvey Pekar, Peter Kuper and Sabrina Jones.
8) A "red-scare", consisting of anti-Bolshevik propaganda and the Palmer raids (9), helped to effectively destroy the IWW and made it difficult for any union to articulate a broad social message without being branded communist.
THE Consett Victory Club is staging IWW Live Wrestling from 6.
In Oklahoma, the Socialist Party and the IWW formed a "Working Class Union" and planned a draft resisters' march on Washington.
The IWW is a direct action union that organizes workers not to bargain with employers but to win control of production.
Margaret Loftus Ranald lists a play, no longer extant, about the IWW that was entitled G.