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IXCInternet Xadrez Clube (Portuguese: Internet Chess Club)
IXCIon Exchange Chromatography (steroid analysis)
IXCInter Exchange Carrier
IXCIon Exchange Column
IXCICA (Immaculate Conception Academy)-Xavier Connection (Philippines; online group)
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In just 18 months, IXC UK had identified more than 780 potential connections, of which nearly 250 were already under progression.
IXC is projected to have completed 15,000 route miles of its network by yearend.
IXC offerings include private line, fast packet (ATM and frame relay), Internet and long distance switched and dedicated services.
With a partner like IXC, we believe we now have the resources and credibility to be a very effective competitor.
The primary motivator for the IXC to deploy Cygent was the ability of the platform to provide a robust customer care environment -- manage quotes, take new orders, 24x7 account maintenance -- while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.
He was also one of the founders and a principal of IXC Communications, where he was instrumental in IXC becoming the first exclusive carrier's carrier of digital broadband capacity.
IXC will leverage the best, most cost effective access technologies to offer customers high-bandwidth, low cost access solutions.
Under the reciprocal arrangement, IXC will acquire, for approximately $77 million over 20 years, ELI's dark fiber currently in place or under construction between Seattle-Portland-San Francisco and Seattle-Spokane.
Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President Operations and Engineering for LDI/NETnet, Vice President of Operations and Engineering at TotelTel USA, Director of Operations and Engineering at IXC Communications, and held Senior Engineering positions at both MCI and Northern Telecommunications.
IXC and VidiMedix will work together on areas of emerging Internet Protocol (IP) utilization by healthcare providers to address such issues as remote access to improved healthcare, convenient doctor visits regardless of patient location, and the latest surgical methods for rural residents.
A portion of those records will match records from the interconnect carrier's meet point call record tapes to create a billing record for IXC access bills.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- IEX Corporation, a leading provider of Advanced Intelligent Network products for telecommunications carriers, today announced the implementation of its daVinci(TM) Service Control Point by Austin, Texas-based IXC Communications, Inc.