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IXFIntegrated Exchange Format
IXFInternational Express Freight (FedEx)
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Second, Fellesdata, the largest data services provider in Norway, is adapting the IXF fax platform to enable the mass fax distribution of fax documents at significantly reduced costs over conventional managed fax systems.
IXF also enables users to send and receive Internet faxes directly from their PCs, via their web browser or as e-mail attachments.
The Internet fax network plans to offer IP fax services sold through service providers throughout South America, expanding its total number of IXF ports to 150.
GRICfax, through the use of the IXF software, implements many of the functions found in a telephone switch, including account authorization, automatically determining available servers, routing the session via the most cost-effective path, managing the bandwidth and integrity of the session, providing for authorized and secure transmissions, supporting reliable local delivery of fax messages, confirming delivery of the fax message, generating a Call Detail Record (CDR) for billing and settlement purposes, and supporting management and administration tools.
The PTT has begun offering IP fax using NetXchange's IXF software.
From there, faxes are delivered over a network of IXF servers, using NetXchange RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), for termination via the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) based on the lowest available rate.