IXGInvestment Exchange Group, LLC (Englewood, CO)
IXGIndustry Experts Group (UK)
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Using their new IXG Green Packs -- reusable water bottle, drink thermos, snack containers, organic cotton tee shirt, reusable shopping bag, bottle brush cleaner and instructional insert -- Fisher Elementary students had the opportunity to experience firsthand how much of an impact these simple habits can have.
The Fisher School students reduced classroom waste by 70 percent in just one day using their IXG Green Pack tools.
Children are the true green keepers of our natural resources and with our support can re-shape how we address monumental environmental problems," said Victoria Waters, founder, IXG Education Foundation.
IXG Education Foundation will provide each Fisher Elementary student and staff member with an IXG Green Pack -- reusable water bottle, drink thermos, bottle brush cleaner, snack containers, organic cotton tee shirt, reusable shopping bag and instructional insert -- to help make it easy for students and their families to achieve the Experiment's goal of reducing school trash by 50 percent.
The Experiment concludes on June 16, at which time IXG Education Foundation will work with school and community officials to measure the success of the program.
The acquisition of IXG represents a significant marketplace expansion for Security 1031 Services and allows local order processing for clients in the Mountain time zone.
McCabe, who has served as the President of IXG since its formation, will remain on board to manage the IXG operations.
As one of the nation's most experienced QIs specializing in a wide range of 1031 exchanges, IXG is one of the only companies to have all of the exchange disciplines in-house, including CPAs, attorneys, real estate, banking and title professionals.