IYCFInfant and Young Child Feeding
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He said that IYCF programmes should have complete sense of ownership from all local stakeholders including academia, researchers and public health professionals and programmes.
Feminist analysis of the economic incentives influencing women's breastfeeding decisions and practices highlights that unfettered market competition may undermine optimal IYCF choices and population health outcomes (Smith 2004).
Important IYCF indicators such as minimum dietary diversity, minimum meal frequency and minimum acceptable diet were seen adequate in less than half of the studied children population.
It is for this reason that the study set out to characterize the caregivers and households in a resource-poor setting that practice bottle-feeding to further understand the contextual issues in the light of the Global Strategy on IYCF.
The objective of this paper is to compare IYCF practices and their association with child undernutrition in two African countries, Ethiopia and Zambia.
To investigate IYCF practices among children 0-23 months in M berra refugee camp in Mauritania.
Other group: 120 essentially refers to beneficiaries of services and IYCF and trainee
sites, IYCF messaging and training in management of malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea
providers and beneficiaries, poor IYCF practices, and low levels of community knowledge, driven by low adult literacy
Other group: 2,000 eldely, TB & HIV cases and other beneficiaries of IYCF as well as