IYFCCInternational Youth Fuel Cell Competition (Boulder, CO)
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The main events of the 2007 IYFCC were the Academic Bowl, which tested participants on technical knowledge of fuel cell technologies; the Fuel Cell Lift Competition, which challenged participants to build a model fuel cell powered fork lift; and the Fuel Cell Model Car Competition, which challenged participants to build and race a model fuel cell car.
As fuel cells have immediate commercial applicability with lift trucks and heavy materials handling, the IYFCC fork lift competition tasked participants to overcome the same challenges that are being faced by the major fuel cell manufacturers today.
The seven teams of the 2007 IYFCC consisted of: Team Germany (Manuel Kochen and Moritz Greif); Team Japan (Takuya Kageyama and Shunsuke Tanabe); Team 1 of the United States (Erica Von Stein and Paul Rosenberger), Team 2 of the United States (Nick Phillips and Patrick Fenelon); Team 1 of India (Supreet Kapoor and Jasleen Kaur Brar), Team 2 of India (Gursimran Singh Bawa and Ruskin Singh Bhasin), and Team 3 of India (Ashwinderjit Kaur Bhatti and Avneet Kaur Narang).