IYIAIhi Yahn Ihi Arkestra (reggae band)
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Adrian Pelkus founded IYIA Technologies, located in San Marcos, California, in April 2004 to develop and market his new wound treatment device.
San Marcos-based IYIA Technologies received the "Why Didn't I Think of That?
Clark Adams, Chairman, IYIA Technologies, stated, "It is unfortunate that the medical device industry has taken so long to develop a cost- and clinically-effective system to treat and heal diabetic foot ulcers, which could reduce lower limb amputations.
Companies included in the In3 WEST "Conferences On-Demand" package include: ACell, AcuNetx, Advanced Cell Technology, AerovectRx, BioCare Systems, BioImagene, BioniCare Medical Technologies, BioTHER, Brain Matters, Cardiovascular Systems, Cardiva Medical, Cavitech, CeraPedics, Crosscart, CVAC Systems, Design Medical, Dialog Devices, Duravest, EndoCor, Glucostats System, InfraScan, InnerVision Medical Technologies, IYIA Technologies, Lingualcare, MedicalCV, Pathfinder Therapeutics, PhotoImmune Biotechnology, Power Paper, Reach Surgical, SpineMatRx, SurgiFile, Symphony Medical, TEKIA, Urovalve, VasoGenix Pharmaceuticals, and Vision Solutions Technologies.