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IYOInternational Year of the Ocean
IYOIn Your Opinion
IYOInconspicuous Yellow Office (Sheffield University Architecture School UK)
IYOItalian-American Youth Organization (various locations)
IYOIndian Youth Organisation (Delhi, India)
IYOIndianapolis Youth Orchestra
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2008) Saa Waxay Tiri: Maansadii iyo Waayihii Xaawa Jibriil: And Then She Said: The Poetry and Times of Hawa Jibril.
Gusa umuntu yavuga ko kumenya ibi bidasobanuye ko dukwiye gusubira mu myumvire n'uburyo bw'imikorere byo muri za 1930 mu bihe by' "Abapanafricanist" n'ibintu twavuyemo, uretse ko n'ubundi hatanakibaho ya ngirwapolitiki y'indimi bita iy' "impagarike" (vertical language policy) irwanya cya gitekerezo cya "Panafricanism" yo muri 1930, iyo yo ikaba yari gahunda y'indimi ishyira ingufu mu ndimi z'abakoroni ubundi igapfobya indimi nyafurika zanitwaga "indimi gakondo" byumvikanaga nk'ininura.
The Iyo Yuinoh Center has been supplying Japan with the traditional crafts used in the traditional Japanese engagement ceremony (yuinoh) between families for the last 72 years.
Several nascent regional authorities central Somalia--Galmudug, Himan iyo Heeb, and ASWJ-controlled territory--have maintained relative peace and order since 2011.
The subsample includes students who: (1) were eligible to receive IYO funding in 2008-2009 or IIP funding in 2009-2010 (excluding a small number of students who did not meet age and release date requirements); 2) successfully completed at least one college credit (to help ensure that students have a basis for their ratings about instructional programs); and 3) were in a prison with a minimum of five students who provided data about instructional programs (to help ensure that aggregated student ratings represented their institution).
Pushing the link between concreteness and carnality, Shiraga strove to produce paintings that were both isamashii (brave) and iyo (grotesque), according to catalogue contributor Reiko Tomii.
A fishing boat on Thursday night bumped against a Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel anchored off Iyo city, Ehime Prefecture, the Japan Coast Guard said early Friday.
Meanwhile, police announced the details of the culprits' motorbike: it is a high-powered BMW bike, black with an orange saddle and its registration plate is IYO 738.
Iyo Djeli, in the great African tradition of honouring those who go before us, is Sangare's dedication to the legendary female griot of the 60s, Djekani Djeli.
MATSUYAMA, Japan - Police will arrest a former president of a food processing firm in Iyo, Ehime Prefecture, and four others Thursday over their involvement in alleged false-labeling of grilled eels, sources close to the move said.
From the joyous upbeat Culture Club-style Forming A Skin to the 80s Indie of IYO, it's sometimes creepy.
Affording "meat and milk" (cad iyo caano), two words that together signify subsistence in the Somali language and originally comprising nomads' main foodstuffs, is a luxury very few refugees can afford.