IYRInternational Year of Rice (2004)
IYRIdaho Youth Ranch (Boise, ID)
IYRIyengar Yoga Resources (website)
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where IYR is the ratio of gross domestic investment to gross domestic product, J'YR is the ratio of gross domestic savings to the gross domestic product of the country i at period t.
IYR broker William Molloy said : 'We suggested suitable northern European yards renowned for their quality for a project of this nature.
Rajasekhara Reddy's directive, IYR Krishna Rao, the TTD executive officer, held an emergency meeting with chief priests and officials.
Regarding the reports that rare jewellery donated by Sri Krishna Deva Raya who ruled the Vijayanagar Kingdom had gone missing and were unaccounted for, TTD chief executive officer, IYR Krishna Rao, said the TTD had in its possession gold ornaments gifted and donated to the deity by several kings during the last hundreds of years but it was difficult to ascertain which ornament belonged to which king or kingdom as the practice of labelling them was not in vogue at the time.
tv, covers the US Treasury's plans to end the credit-market seizure, discusses the IYR and REITs, and looks at the placement of Washington Mutual up for sale.
tv, discusses the drop in the IYR, hurricane Gustav's effect on the USO, and the July construction spending reports.
Now, for the first time ever, these companies can gain time-to-market and time-to-profit benefits from PDF Solutions' technology before engaging in a comprehensive PDF Solutions IYR engagement.
By comparison, the comprehensive PDF Solutions' IYR engagement features patented methodology and technology applied by PDF Solutions' cross-functional service teams to deliver yield, performance, and reliability improvements at any stage of IC manufacturing.
No company has licensed or authorized ISE to (i) engage in the creation, listing, provision of a market for trading, marketing, and promotion of options on IYR and EWJ or (ii) to use and refer to any trademark of BGI, Dow Jones or MSCI in connection with the listing, provision of a market for trading, marketing, and promotion of options on IYR and EWJ or with making disclosures concerning options on IYR and EWJ under any applicable federal or state laws, rules or regulations, and do not sponsor, endorse, or promote such activity by ISE.
We have automated our 300-mm fab, which incorporates PDF Solutions' IYR methodology for resolving process margin, with a focus on meeting customers' manufacturability metrics and supporting process ramp in the fastest possible time.
Our IYR solutions, including our CV Infrastructure, deliver yield and performance improvements at any stage of a process life cycle, from process development to maturity," said John Kibarian, president and CEO of PDF Solutions.