IYVInternational Year of Volunteers
IYVImplicit Yes Vote (IEEE)
IYVInternational Youth Village
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There is no magic formula for good practice in volunteering, but the Wales Funders Forum and the Welsh IYV Steering Group are laying the foundations for its improvement.
Nickelle Brown could just fit into the new image of the volunteer during the IYV.
The bike tour prominently displays the IYV logo on posters with the Statue of liberty riding a bike.
The IYV can gain more awareness, but it doesn't happen through one action," Tice said.
ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT interviewed Klas Bergman, chief of external relations, United Nations Volunteers Program (UNV), Bonn, about the details of the IYV initiative, the tools the U.
ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT: The IYV Web site is rich in content and quite expansive.
We had one fellow from Canada who was a little more Web savvy than the others--and a young Argentinian who designed the IYV logo.
The New York City Committee for the IYV 2001 consists of a coalition of more than 200 nonprofit, government and business organizations.
Yet volunteerism has the stereotypical image of "the little old lady doing charity work for poor people out in the borough," said Rustie Brooke, founder of the IYV 2001 and part of the Mayor's Voluntary Action Committee.
As an organization, AVA will use IYV 2001 to 1) highlight a number of ongoing resources, 2) debut some initiatives that have been "in the works," and 3) showcase existing resources that can be used by our current and potential members during 2001 for the use in their local communities activities.
As we continue with our mission, AVA, as an organization, will be doing the following during IYV 2001:
The official launch of IYV 2001 will take place on 5 December 2000, International Volunteer Day, with national events all over world.