IZM(Fraunhofer) Institut für Zuverlaessigkeit und Mikrointegration
IZMIzglitibas un zinatnes ministrija (Latvian Ministry of Education and Science)
IZMIxtapa/Zihuatanejo Mexico (airport)
IZMIncredible Zombie Machine (web game/simulation)
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IZM project manager Erik Simon can envision a whole swathe of potential applications, particularly where there is a need to provide protection over a large surface area.
It indicates that the air velocity predicted by the IZM was slightly stronger than that of the k-[epsilon] CFD model.
That's why the infrared LED emits light waves that are scattered back in fog but not in conditions of darkness," explains IZM group manager Dr.
NASDAQ: ORBK) today announced that SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company and a supplier of advanced wafer processing solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, is collaborating with Fraunhofer IZM, an international institute specializing in applied and industrial contract research, on next generation wafer level packaging of microelectronic devices.
Fraunhofer IZM Berlin is a center for applied research focusing on interconnection technologies embedded into the microelectronics alliance of the Fraunhofer society.
Following a review of 29 exemptions, Oko Institute and Fraunhofer IZM have recommended seven not be continued: lead in linear incandescent lamps (Exemption 16); lead as activator in the fluorescent power of discharge lamps (Exemption 18); lead with PbBiSn-Hg and PbBiSn-Hg in specific compositions (Exemption 19); lead in oxide glass used for bonding front and rear substrates of flat fluorescent lamps used for LCDs (Exemption 20); lead oxide in the glass envelope of black light blue; lead alloys as solder for tranducers used in high-powered loudspeakers (Exemption 27); and hexavalent chromium in corrosion preventive coatings (Exemption 28).
Invited speakers from companies such as Panasonic, IBM and Fraunhofer IZM will discuss the optimization of integrated process solutions in respect to performance and cost.
Speakers presenting on these topics include: Fraunhofer IZM, St.
3] Technologies based on: Ridge Formation with Clad Backfill Technology-- Screen print Embossed General or mold Attribute Representative Gemfire / OptoFoil- practitioners Dow Corning Fraunhofer Institute, IZM General Hot Embossing of process commercial description available polymer foil using special negative tool made by high quality lithography and galvanic metallization.
Research institutes and consortia developing these methods include the Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin and Munich, IME in Singapore, IMEC in Belgium, Lincoln Labs and MCNC-RDI in the U.
The workshop curriculum includes technical presentations and a poster session led by key representatives from IBM, Qualcomm, Atotech, TechSearch, SUSS MicroTech, Alchimer, AllVia, University of Texas at Austin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Fraunhofer IZM, SINTEF, NXP Semiconductors, Ebara, Tango, Air Products, STS, Applied Materials, EV Group and PVA-Tepla.
Keywords in this release: back-end semiconductor manufacturing technologies, European Union, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, RoHS, tin-silver-copper, Sn-Ag-Cu, SAC system, gold, copper, high yield loss, flip-chip, FC, Germany, PbSn, lead-tin, board assembly, underfill, substrate warpage, thermal mismatch, reflow, eutectic tin lead solder, flip chip/chip scale package, FC/CSP, Institut fE-r ZuverlEnssigkeit/Mikrointegration, IZM Fraunhofer, IMEC, Belgium, Netpack-Europe.