IZSIstituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale (Sicily, Italy)
IZSIslamska Zajednica Srbije (Serbian: Islamic Community of Serbia)
IZSInsulin Zinc Suspension
IZSInternational Zurich Seminar on Communications
IZSIndianapolis Zoological Society
IZSInorganic Zinc Silicate Paint
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CULTURA FRAGIL IZS [marca] Temor e incertidumbre ante las crisis ambiental (Cambios) [marca] Pobre existencia de valores ambientales y significados compartidos [marca] Baja motivacion de actores en los procesos de la organizacion [marca] Reactividad como proyeccion organizacional asumiendo el paradigma ambiental como una "moda" [marca] Pensamiento totalmente asistemico, culpa a terceros externos del deterioro ambiental negando la responsabilidad individual [marca] Formacion de grupos Informales, desvanecimiento cultural [marca] Pesimismo de apropiacion de rasgos culturales asociados a la GTAO [marca] Clima tenso, predominio de la desconfianza ante crisis.
Tabla 1: Segunda Matriz obtenida CULTURA FRAGIL CULTURA ROBUSTA CULTURA IZS DS Cultura organizacional como Cultura organizacional como desventaja competitiva, desventaja y recurso a Instrumento de aprovechar a ser convertido en Autoextincion Fortaleza CULTURA IZI DI Cultura organizacional como Cultura organizacional lider desventaja competitiva, de la ventaja competitiva.
Unlike the Neeman-Ramon proposal, seeking to entrench existing Basic Laws in their entirety, the Eitan, IDI and IZS proposals are all based on "sifting" the existing Basic Laws to identify the provisions that need to be "elevated" into the constitutional level, leaving the rest as regular laws.
The IZS initiative reflects a stream among Zionists who believe that because of the 1992 "revolution" Israel must enact a constitution now to stop the erosion in the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish nation state, and to reign in the expanded jurisdiction of the courts over such matters.
The actions by the Eitan committee and the IDI and the IZS proposals all support Rivlin's reading of the legal situation.
Yet, in terms of our analysis, there is a huge difference between the Eitan and the IDI and IZS processes.
This is the route taken by the Eitan and the IDI and IZS processes.
95) IZS, "Constitution of the State of Israel: Proposal by the Institute of Zionist Strategy," English version, online: <http://www.
The subject of public procurement is the delivery of specialized equipment for the fire protection unit of the IZS, namely tank-syringe trucks for high-volume firefighting and transport vehicle for protection of the population, emergency supply, evacuation and for the crisis staff ORP in an emergency situation.