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IAMSInstitute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences
IAMSIdentity and Access Management Service (software)
IAMSIslington Arts and Media School (UK)
IAMSInternet Anywhere Mail Server
IAMSInternational Association for Media in Science
IAMSInter Agency Messaging Service
IAMSInternational Academy for Media Science (Egypt)
IAMSIntelligent Alarm Management System
IAMSIntegrated Army Mobilization Study
IAMSInstantaneous Audience Measurement Service
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Ensuring the business continuity of the existing IAM solution is the subject of this application and includes - Maintenance of the product IAM (licenses purchased NetIQ)- Maintenance of the IAM (operating services and services for the evolutionary maintenance).
IAMS Sensitive Naturals has ocean fish as its first ingredient and is designed for the up to 25% of dogs with ingredient sensitivities.
That's why more security and risk professionals in these industries, along with others in government, education and retail, are choosing hosted identity providers for the crucial operations involved in IAM, according to a new Forrester Research report.
Each bag contains a copy of the Pet Friendly Places to Stay 2006 guide, a blanket, bottles of the new Iams savoury sauces and other doggy goodies.
An undercover investigation by Peta last year found alleged deplorable conditions at an Iams laboratory in the US.
If you wish to call the Iams Consumer Care Center, the number is (800) 863-4267.
s Iams business has purposely lowered feeding recommendations in order to make the per-serving cost of its own premium food seem lower.
s office and led by Shelly Kessen, vice president in the food and agribusiness division, along with client, Lara Strazdin, manager of communications for Iams and James Dickson, brand manager of veterinary products.
The Iams brands will be supported by a marketing programme including targeted instore support.
Iams knows that all you need is love so its launching the Love Tails Contest to search for real stories and the two and four-legged stars of its next national advertisement.
Iams was founded in 1946 by animal nutritionist Paul Iams, who felt that the pet foods then available were lacking in nutritional value.
Going to the market [in Europe] where the raw materials are grown or processed is no more difficult than sourcing from different areas across the United States," says Scott Becker, director of European manufacturing at Iams Europe VC.