IATANInternational Airlines Travel Agent Network (Montreal, Canada)
IATANInternational Air Transport Association Network
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The Omahas were once one of the numerous and powerful tribes of the prairies, vying in warlike might and prowess with the Sioux, the Pawnees, the Sauks, the Konsas, and the Iatans.
In addition to offsetting its global warming emissions, residents of the Kansas City area will benefit from reduced emissions of criteria pollutants at KCP&L's existing Iatan 1 and La Cygne plants.
IATAN also issues identification cards to travel professionals who have fulfilled specific requirements for employment or earnings.
To be endorsed by IATAN, travel agencies must meet certain financial, personnel, location, and ticket security requirements that are similar to those of ARC.
Mr Iatan told the Court that he had been living in the state for about two years and had no family left in Romania.
Kansas City Power & Light Company and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (formerly Aquila), subsidiaries of Great Plains Energy Incorporated (NYSE:GXP), declared on Thursday that Iatan 2, a high efficiency 850 megawatt power plant, has successfully met in-service testing requirements.
Finally, the analysis of the Iatan Field could produce exploitation projects on that property that we had not previously identified.
IATAN ID card: An identification card offered by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network to qualifying travel professionals.
Travel agencies don't need to be appointed by ARC and IATAN to sell cruises, hotels, car rentals, and tours.
IATAN also promotes professional practices within international air travel and provides travel agents with the travel agent ID card.
0 million in 2012, driven by a full year's recognition of expense at our Iatan 2 and Plum Point generating stations.
In addition to the Plum Point Project, MJMEUC owns interests in the Iatan 2 project, Prairie State Energy Campus (195MW), and Dogwood combined cycle plant (50MW) projects, as well as exclusive ownership of the Fredericktown peaking plant.