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ICE-CREAMInteractive Consumption of Entertainment in Consumer Responsive, Engaging & Active Media
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But he could not linger forever over a glass of ice-cream soda, while he did not dare ask for a second glass.
He was incapable of speech, mumbled his order, looked anxiously at the clock, despatched his ice-cream soda in tremendous haste, and was gone.
Amazing feast started when a local production company decided to distribute MaraE- ice-cream to celebrate the snowfall, which prevailed Turkey's Mediterranean region province of KahramanmaraE-, causing cheerful period of time for those who attended the show.
Chocolate chip ice cream with mouse poo, vanilla ice cream with bugs--this ice-cream war started with these extra ingredients from Uncle Sunny's ice cream truck.
Set aside in an ice bath until chilled, add the respberry puree, and freeze in an ice-cream machine according to the manufacturer's instructions.
With the warm Southern California sun finally breaking through the June gloom, thoughts turn to cooling, refreshing ice-cream concoctions to end a restaurant meal.