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ICNInternational Council of Nurses (Conseil International des Infirmières)
ICNIntercondylar Notch (knee)
ICNInternational Congress of Nutrition
ICNIowa Communications Network
ICNInterstitial Cystitis Network
ICNInstituto da Conservação da Natureza (Portugal)
ICNInter Change Node
ICNInternet Call Notification
ICNIcon File
ICNInter Connecting Network
ICNInformation and Communication System
ICNInventory Control Number
ICNIn-Car Navigation (software)
ICNInternational Competition Network
ICNI Care Not
ICNIndustry Capability Network (Australian and New Zealand)
ICNInternational Computer Network (data management company)
ICNInternal Control Number
ICNIndiana College Network
ICNInternational Conference on Networking
ICNIntensive Care Nursery
ICNInstitute of Cognitive Neuroscience (University College London)
ICNInfection Control Nurse
ICNIllinois Century Network
ICNInterface Control Net (US DoD)
ICNIndependent Comedy Network (video content portal)
ICNInvoice Control Number (billing)
ICNItem Control Number
ICNInformation and Communications Networks (Siemens AG)
ICNIntegrated Computing Network
ICNIdle Channel Noise (Sprint)
ICNInterim Change Notice
ICNInformation Control Net (modeling language)
ICNInstitute of Communication Networks
ICNIslamic Center of Naperville
ICNIndependent Communications Network
ICNInterconnecting CCS Network (Telcordia)
ICNInternational CUG Number (ANSI, ITU-T)
ICNInterface Change Notice
ICNImplementation Change Notice
ICNIntercentre Network
ICNInter-Array Correlation-Neglecting
ICNInchon International Airport, Korea (Airport Code)
ICNInternal Call Notification (telecommunications)
ICNInterchangeability Control Number
ICNIntegrated Campus Network
ICNInteractive Collaborative Narrative
ICNImporter's Clearance Number (Australian government)
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03 percent at 1 W, crosstalk of-92 dB, and 66-uV idle channel noise.
Single tone--Phase mismatch, phase linearity, group delay, gain, dynamic range, spurious-flee dynamic range, idle channel noise, crosstalk/separation
The Pro-X family's CODEC/SLCC and SFLC combination enables a low typical Idle Channel Noise (ICN) -- as low as 3dBRNC -- and typical Return Loss of 40dB.
Nuvoton's industry-leading audio performance benchmarks include typical Idle Channel Noise (ICN) as low as 4dBRNC and typical Return Loss of 40dB, which directly translate into superior Voice Quality Test (VQT) scores for end-user systems.
It is the only single-package FXS solution to address all of the requirements for VoIP customer premise equipment (CPE) including density, power, global programmability, comprehensive testability, idle channel noise (ICN) and low cost per channel.
Cost-Efficient W684386 Features Four-Channel Design, Industry's Best Idle Channel Noise and Return Loss Performance
As an extension of AKM's low noise PCM CODEC technology, the AK2306 and AK2306LV achieve idle channel noise levels of less than 0 dBrnc0 (AK2306 5.
A delta-sigma technique is used to enhance frequency response, signal-to-noise, and idle channel noise in order to meet industry system specifications like Bellcore's TR-57 for digital-loop carrier (DLC) applications.
The optimal balancing of CODEC and SLIC, the higher idle channel noise performance and especially the ability to switch the DuSLIC filter to a special 'Modem Mode' result in the DuSLIC chip set's outstanding modem performance capabilities.