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IDLIInternational Development Law Institute
IDLIInterference with Daily Life Index
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Eat: Idli and masala dosa at Mitra Samaj, kotte idli, shavige, sihi kadubu, masala dosa at Anuradha Hotel, both located on Car Street, and fish curry, rice at Mahalakshmi Hotel near Malpe port.
Rocky Singh, a popular TV show host and writer, who's chased food to every nook and corner of the country discovers that breakfast across India isn't a meager meal--whether it is paranthas in Punjab, eggs and ham in Goa or idlis and vadas in Tamil Nadu; the country digs in with relish
Then, the work for preparing the idli flour for the next morning follows," says K.
Idlis and dosas at Murugan Idli Shop, 196, Westmasi Street, Madurai; tel: (0452) 234 1379
He was a close friend of Pandit Nehru, who used to visit his home to eat idli .
Eat idli, chutney and sambar with filter coffee at Murugan Idli Shop in T.
Introduce whole wheat bread, get flavoured yogurt instead of ice cream and cook healthy dishes like upma and idli which don't take much of your time," says Dr Arora.
Even baby idli s taste different at Indian Accent as they come quilted in a milagai podi ( or gunpowder) dressing, with roasted cashew adding much- needed crunch.
Idli Steamer Electric Cum Gas OF Size 30 x 30 x 30+24 with 1 Under shelf,
These may include rainbow idli (which are not steamed but shallowfried), dhokla, stuffed capsicum, roasted soya beans, roasted paneer (instead of fried paneer) and dry fruits.
Sample dishes such as Tiranga Paneer, Tricolour Idli, Sarhad Ki Boti and Dilli Ki Chaat at Mist, The Park, 15 Parliament Street.
21 value added features, comprising extra cooking pan, dish separators, steaming basket and idli stand, is being provided by Panasonic.