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IDOCIllinois Department of Corrections
IDOCIdaho Department of Correction
IDOCIntermediate Document (SAP)
IDOCIntermediate Document
IDOCInstitutional Documentation Service (education)
IDOCIn Danger of Collapse (gaming, Ultima Online house condition)
IDOCInternational Documentation Centre (Italy)
IDOCIntrusion Detection Optical Communication
IDOCInternal Dynamic Overload Control
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More than 2,900 new IDOC cadets have been added to the ranks since Rauner took office.
IDOC Director John Baldwin says they're already more than halfway to the goal.
IDOC, in relation to its Statewide Recidivism Reduction (SRR) initiative, conducted a workload evaluation and time study in collaboration with the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), an affiliate of the Council of State Governments (CSG).
iDoc is an affordable supplement to any EHR, enabling documents to be added to complete an EHR or convenient storage of old data, said Leslie Mack, senior director, iDoc, CareTech Solutions.
Of the eight notifications, four are events that the IDOC previously received no information about; and, the other four are now more quickly received by the IDOC.
Focus in a particular area, in this case failed IDOCs, created the unintended consequence of growth in unmatched SIT.
The Education Division of the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC), in cooperation with the IDOC Research and Planning Division, has continuously modified and updated a dataset of released offenders in order to assess a variety of post-release measures such as recidivism or employment.
Idoc 2011 will feature current and future DOF activities and possibilities in the Middle East as well as 11 presentations from the region's NOCs (national oil companies) on current and future DOF plans that were selected by 22 members of Idoc advisory committee.
Late in 2001, Kernan and IDOC staff held a series of regional meetings around the state--in Indianapolis, South Bend, Jeffersonville and Evansville to gauge reaction from constituents.
ADX can accommodate any XML dialect, SAP IDoc, Oracle, MIMs or EDI document and translate and transport those to a supply or demand chain rapidly, accurately and securely.
The Task Force will pool staff from the Commission's investigation and disciplinary office IDOC.
In some sense, Indian tribes are becoming collections of generalized tribal personalities without a truly native institutional structure nor a coherent culture, tradition, and language," writes Thomas, who is Cherokee, in a recent issue of IDOC Internazionale, published by the International Documentation and Communication Centre.