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IDROIndustrial Development and Renovation Organization (of Iran)
IDROInternational Disaster Relief Operation
IDROInsurance Disaster Response Organisation (Australia)
IDROInternational Deaf Rugby Organisation (Swansea, South Wales, UK)
IDROIntensive Drug Rehabilitation Order (court-supervised rehabilitation; Australia)
IDROInstitute for Design Research and Outreach (Iowa State University)
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Ali Araqchi, the director for international affairs of IDRO, told reporters the idea to sign an industrial cooperation agreement with the three Nordic countries had emerged last year.
IDRO will own 30 per cent of shares in the company.
We are happy to sign this agreement with IDRO and Parto Negin Naseh Co.
Based on the laws of the country, the government takes control of the company and gives it to IDRO, and we have a responsibility to help them".
The operators are the local IOEC, OIEC and Idro, with the final part completed in 2016.
Richard Idro, Samson Gwer, Michael kahindi et al: The incidence, aetiology and outcome of seizures in children admitted to rural Kenyan district hospital.
This result contrasts with those of Anberber et al (36) and Idro et al (37), where poor referral practice was documented.
Thus, development organizations such as IDRO are the major agents that can operate in the form of virtual structures and enterprises in order to resolve market failure by interfering in product market, labor market, and capital market.
We hired a speedboat and driver for the choppier water journey to the harbour restaurant at Bilo Idro, in the shadow of one of the finest Plavac Mali vineyards, intending to make the hillside walk to Zlatan Plenkovic's vineyard.
Philip Idro, who previously served as Uganda's Ambassador to China from 1999 to 2005 points to a 'coupling' phenomenon between China and Africa: "Whenever China's economy grows up, African economy grows up; whenever China's economy comes down, African economy comes down.
9 -- Jet Edge has introduced the Idro line 5-axis precision water jet cutting machine, capable of cutting virtually any material.
His time in charge at IDRO inspired the heretical thought that free enterprise was preferable to the central planning demanded by Khomeini's brand of Islamic socialism, as well as the corollary that democracy was a surer safeguard of markets than a clerical dictatorship.