IESUSInstitute for Ethnic Studies in the United States (University of Washington)
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La pastoral judicial y la preparacion de la causa en el Motu Proprio Mitis Index Dominus Iesus, en M.
The magisterial officials who make pronouncements on the objective deficiencies of non-Christian religions, as they do in Dominus Iesus, have clearly never had their Christian faith deepened by the holiness of members of other faiths as Phan has.
21) The same critique can be made of the content of Nostra aetate, Dominus Iesus, Evangelii gaudium, and all other curial and papal documents on dialogue and encounter with other religions.
IESUS was created in 1992 within CENEPI/FUNASA, with the aim of organizing and disseminating, in a wider manner, certain epidemiological information that until then had been accumulating separately in different Ministry of Health departments (1).
Dupuis's "answer" is clearly delivered in two documents that could not be published before his death but that he entrusted to Burrows: one a detailed counterargument to the CDF's accusations, the other a stinging criticism of the Vatican's/ Ratzinger's Dominus Iesus, much of which, Burrows points out, was "universally.
Nostra Aetate (and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's [2000] document Dominus Iesus [Lord Jesus] On the Unicity and Salvific Universality of Jesus Christ and the Church) have helped Catholics become more religiously literate by teaching the value of interfaith dialogue:
But the situation of the church in the era of Dominus Iesus seems to have made it impossible for a true rapprochement to take place.
Dulcissimo Iesus, ya es allegada la dulce hora de mi mas pretendida, quando ha de ser mi alma desatada del nudo con que el cuerpo la trae asida.
English prof recently reduced the plot of John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost" to a text message short enough to fit on the screen of a cell phone: "Devl kikd outa hevn coz jelus of iesus & strts war.
Three months earlier, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (headed by the current pope, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) had issued its statement entitled Dominus Iesus which asserted that ecclesial communities that have not preserved a "valid episcopate and Eucharist .
He was the intellectual force behind the 2000 document Dominus Iesus, which outlined the Catholic Church as an exclusive road to salvation In Israel, admiration for John Paul's efforts to promote reconciliation was mixed with unease about Benedict's time in the Hitler Youth.
He was criticized for a 2000 treatise entitled "Declaration Dominus Iesus," which said non-Catholic religions are "gravely deficient.